Saturday, June 24, 2017

Radiate your light - Francis and Clara of Assisi -

We recommend reading to the music: Sweet is Feeling - Instrumental

The love that permeates the hearts of men is unspeakable in the face of the threat that any reality, as to the doubt of the existence of love, may apparently prevail.

Something as beautiful as a being of light, a child of creation, wherever you are, in the harshest and hardest environments, will always be made of love. And perhaps they are simply able to look and wonder where is this noble feeling, that in the most contrary attitudes, takes so much pain and suffering.

Friday, June 23, 2017


Blessed are the humble of spirit - Masters Serapis Bey and Kuan Yin -

We recommend reading to the sound of the songIn The Soul


Many times you come to a point where you simply do not understand when life walks naturally, that the challenges that come up do not drag you like before. You realize that nothing has changed, everything is there as before, but simply you have changed, you have changed the way you saw the world. And this happened so naturally that they no longer remember what they were before, when nothing happened and flowed as it did now.

And at this point, they may wonder: there must be something wrong. Because I do not have as many problems as I used to, I can not find more difficulties in my day?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Reacting your light - Let unconditional love be born - Lady Master Clara -

Carried by the call of the heart, you will follow the learning of life, deprived of the memory of what you have already been. Only by putting yourself in front of the new possibilities of redemption of that wisdom that is contained in the safest place, that is your heart.

The remembrance of them has already been can often be brought in tears, with glimpses of an age that is gone, but still has wounds in its memories.

Certain memories, dear children, are left in an enclosed chest, which you are barred from opening, just because you do not have the key, which is nothing more than the wisdom necessary for such a key to materialize, and which demonstrates that you already Are prepared to look at something they would not have been able to cope with in earlier times.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The meeting with your truth - Archangel Gabriel -

We recommend reading this message at the sound of the mantraAad Guray Nameh

Beloved children, I am Archangel Gabriel, I bring a brief message to you to understand the importance of the moment they pass.

They were many ages, where they experienced so many forms of understanding and encounter with its truth. Among all the experiences, you have always approached a little more of this encounter, but also have been adding information that has taken root, were bringing as a shield, to help them in the trajectory, some certainties, some postures, as a form of protection.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Breathing and Enlightening - Master Saint Germain -

Greetings my brothers,

Today the day begins with the glow of the flame of transmutation and purification. This is the message of today: peace and transformation. What else do you need in life beyond that? Of simply being at peace, while all the old is being dissolved, everything is transformed, and the new reappears before your eyes? That is to be at peace, anchoring your own inner transformation. That is what you came here for, and this is the dream you keep in your hearts, to transmute yourself to radiate your truth, and nothing more.